We conduct workshops on demystifying meditation and its effects on the brain and body (contemplative neuroscience), particularly going into the now famous `Mindfulness’ which is a breath meditation based on vipassana the most popular of meditational sutras. Our breath which is the bridge between our consciousness and biology is not just a life-sustaining force, it is also the master key to our health. Meditation boosting one’s immune system, correcting chronic illnesses, increasing resistance and decreasing susceptibility to diseases is objectively measurable today since every mental event has a neural representation and every neural event has a biological correlate. Workshop model interactive 90-minute long one-on-fifteen persons only sessions are conducted rather than dry academic lectures, so that it is understood, reacted to and acted upon by the participants.

Meditation as medication :

Call it what you wish to `science of the mind', `technology of the inner world', `God-spot' or `health-spot' in the brain, `limbic resonance' , `quantum healing' or `qualia medicine', this altered state of consciousness self-evidently produces an altered state of neurophysiology. Let us therefore learn this technology to reprogram our mind or reverse-engineer our brain to be happier, healthier and creative in our life. Biological organisms especially human beings are not responding to conventional medicines in a predictable manner when they are chronic diseases since the microscopic behavior of molecules are nonlinear and nonalgorithmic. As a result both patients as well as physicians are now frustrated. The only option for us now is to try this drug-free, cost-free, nonmaterialistic route; there is nothing mystical or magical any more about it; it modulates our neuro-immuno-endocrine system because our mind reaches the innermost sanctum of our biology since consciousness is the ground of all beings. Many things that remained unexplored and untouched for many years are being explored now. Today we can be scientific and religious while being logically consistent; yes, the coffee and the cup are the same when we go to the Planck scale it is a surface diversity and underlying unity as a quantum physicist put it. The universe we live in is fine-tuned on a knife edge for life and mind with many cosmological constants; the human body too is fine-tuned to heal itself. It is time to dive in to the wisdom within.

To understand the science better the following areas are covered:

  1. Brief description of the brain – neurogenesis and synaptogenesis.
  2. How a single cell becomes a complex human being through cell division, cell differentiation and morphogenesis – developmental biology
  3. The nonphysical nature of our biology & the genesis of chronic illnesses
  4. Meditation – what is it, how to practice it and how it changes one’s biology.